Friday, February 13, 2009

Got Jason???

The new Friday the 13th is a retelling of the original Jason- in- the -hockey- mask story. As it opens, we see Jason's mother tormenting and murdering campers who killed her son. Next, we see five college kids in the present hiking through the woods looking fora huge stash of marijuana buds.

Once again we have the scenario of the horny teen-agers cavorting in the woods and being slashed in very creative ways. and six weeks later, Clay Miller (Jared Padalecki) comes to Crystal Lake looking for his missing sister and he runs into another group of wild college kids looking for a fun weekend at a cabin on the lake. Once again, violence ensues.

The story is as simple as this. People go into the woods to do something naughty and Jason kills them. The old Jason may be known for carrying around a machete, but this Jason gets pretty creative for a guy who is supposedly mildly retarded. Bear traps, a bow and arrow, an ice pick, an ax, anything sharp will do for this monster.

But what can I say.....I liked the film. Jared Padalecki is also in the tv drama Supernatural

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  1. Well Jason did not disappoint. He lived up to his slasher reputation. Loved the thrill of the ride and surprises that were weaved in. I have to say some of those teenagers were simply to dumb to survive this story line!
    Ahhh but they will be back as this is the movies!